How to save on hotels worldwide using crypto

(and save on average 20% compared to websites like and expedia in the process)

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If you like paying stuff with crypto currencies like I do I have some good news! From now on you can book hotels with crypto like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and USD Coin and you will save hugely while doing it in the process. Prepare yourself to save hugely on your Holidays or Trips too!

I am very excited to announce that from today (1.11.2019) it is possible to save on hotels with the crypto currencies mentioned above and do this cheaper then any other travel website in the world as the middlemen like, expedia and airbnb are cut out of the process.

How much there is to save compared to in Europe
Average savings compared to due to this middle man being cut out. This example is for Europe, but in Asia and the USA good savings can be expected as well.

The hotel platform where you can do this is called LockTrip and already has more then 2/3 of all the hotels in the World. They have 521.000 hotel on their marketplace to be precise at this very moment.

LockTrip logo, the company that makes the savings possible

Here an example how LockTrip is cheaper as Check it out yourself if you like and thank me later for all the money you save.

Screenshot from the Vienna house dream castle Marne La Vallee

Booking Price is 577,44 euro and non-refundable.

Screenshot LockTrip from the Vienna house dream castle Marne La Vallee

LockTrip Price is 406,21 euro AND refundable. That is a saving of 177,23 euro and still have the option the cancel free of charge.

Click on the below image to compare prices yourself and save on hotels worldwide using crypto too.

Screenshot of booking page of LockTrip

This is how to save on hotels worldwide using crypto. Alternatively you can also pay by credit card for your travels and still save money. Read more about that on

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