Get the best hotels and attractions cheaper in Amsterdam

Bridge over one of the many canals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is in general quite expensive if it comes to hotel and hostels and therefore I decided to write this article about my home city with how to get the best hotels on average 20% cheaper in Amsterdam compared to any other website you can find online and what fun things are here to do.

This lovely city that inhabits more bicycles as people or cars. Has everywhere romantic looking canals originating from the 17th century. Has lovely people of which almost everyone knows how to speak English. And where no one minds you smoking some if you decide to do so. This city has however so much more to offer then just smoking weed and we at have found you the best hotel and attraction prices to make you have the best experience to never forget.

So keep op reading for some good value tips in Amsterdam! (The hotel part is on the end of this article, scroll down to go straight at them)

Things to do in Amsterdam for better prices

It is really easy to get around in Amsterdam by Bike or foot. The city is one of the bike friendliest cities in the world! Taking the public transport is easy as well as everything is good connected. Click here or on the picture below to buy the necessary tickets for good prices (tickets can be cancelled free of charge 24 hours before arrival!)

Tram in front of Amsterdam Central Station. Click for cheap public transport prices.

Dam square

Dam square is the hearth of the city. Here you find next to the war memorial the royal palace, the new church, fun street performers and the Madam Tussauds.

Royal Palace Amsterdam

The Palace is placed at the King’s disposal and is in active use by the Dutch Royal House. Most of the year, the Palace is open for visitors. For more information and tickets that makes you skip the waiting line click here.

The Royal Palace at the Dam Square
The Royal palace at the Dam Square

Madame Tussauds

Ever wanted to touch your favourite Celebs and go on pictures with them? Madame Tussauds has a policy that allows you to touch the celebs. Click here for tickets at Madame Tussauds with a 31% discount!

Madame Tussauds at the Amsterdam Square

Amsterdam the Venice of the North

The many canals in Amsterdam causes people to call Amsterdam the Venice of the North. Click here for a Canal Cruise on the canals of Amsterdam with discount. I love the canal cruises personally a lot as it gives a whole new perspective of the city!

Canal cruise in Amsterdam

All the other attractions in Amsterdam

There are so many things to do in Amsterdam that we where not able to list them all in this article. Click here to see many other exciting attractions or click on the picture below.

All the thins to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdams hotels and hostels 20% cheaper as anywhere else

We found the first and only hotel platform in the world that that charges 0% commissions for your hotel stay. If you are curious how they are able to do that your read can my article about that here.

By using our recommended hotel platform LockTrip instead of websites like or expedia you will be able to save on average 20% on your night(s) sleep and that is a lot!

Here an example compared to in the pictures below. One out of many for all the hotels in Amsterdam

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On average 20% cheaper hotel prices in Amsterdam

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