Travel cheaper with booking the same hotels and flights

Since the existence of big hotel platforms like, expedia and airbnb little changed in the sense of how these giants make their money. And as a consequence make it more expensive for you without adding something to the quality of your night(s) stay.

Since the beginning, these websites take an average of 15-30% commissions. A fact those platforms do not want you to know is that they forbid the hotel owners with unfair contracts forcefully to offer their rooms cheaper as they do themselves. Hotels need to comply or otherwise be excluded getting reservations from people booking online. This way you actually pay more than needed for booking your hotels.

Thankfully, we found a new startup called LockTrip who ends all these unfair practices and by doing so, saves you money. Now you are able to travel cheaper with booking the same hotels.

LockTrip logo. 0% commissions on bookings

LockTrip, The startup who saves us from those big commissions.

LockTrip is saving lots of money for everyone. And all this by still offering the exact same quality. LockTrip does this by throwing overboard those to expensive commissions and by using a so-called freemium business model instead. Because of this, you can save hundreds that can be used while you are travelling. Nice trips, restaurants, attractions, museums, or that nice cocktail on the beach are suddenly much more affordable.

Cities in Europe and their average savings
Average savings on hotels of these cities in Europe. For Asia those savings are 20,17% and for the USA 14,40% on average.

Through this freemium business model, LockTrip is cheaper than any other website. Those other websites are dependent on those expensive commissions while LockTrip found a unique way to eliminate commissions altogether.

Click here to compare prices yourself at LockTrip to travel cheaper with booking the same hotels and flights Please keep in mind that it is needed to register at LockTrip to see the prices. This only takes one click however.

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