Booking your holiday hotel and attractions

We at are dedicated to get you for your holiday the same hotels and attractions for cheaper prices.


We do this by working together with two partners to make sure booking a hotel and planning fun attractions for your Holiday will become more attractive.

Hotels here are truly on average 20% cheaper as anywhere else. Wonder how that is possible?

Since the existence of big hotel platforms like, expedia and airbnb little changed in the sense of how these giants make their money. By adding really high commissions they make it more expensive for you without adding something to the quality of your night(s) stay.

Thankfully, our hotel partner LockTrip ends all these unfair practices and by doing so, saves you money. Now you are able to stay your nights cheaper with booking the same hotels for less.

LockTrip does this by throwing overboard those to expensive commissions and by using a so-called freemium business model instead. Because of this, you can save hundreds that can be used while you are travelling. Nice trips, restaurants, attractions, museums, or that nice cocktail on the beach are suddenly much more affordable.

Here an example with a price comparison. Imagen that you are going to Disneyland Paris and want to book the Vienna house dream castle.

LockTrip price is 419,39 euro AND refundable

Booking price is 577,44 AND non-refundable

Through this freemium business model, LockTrip is cheaper than any other website. Those other websites are dependent on those expensive commissions while LockTrip found a unique way to eliminate commissions altogether.

Want to skip the line at Disneyland Paris? You can do that here at our partner Tiqets. Often you can skip the line with this partner and discounts can be found as well.

Use the search option in the menu at CheaperTravel to look for your own destinations and make your dream holiday come true with booking the same hotels and attractions cheaper as anywhere else.

Contact us here if you have any questions.

And so booking a hotel and planning fun attractions for your Holiday have become more attractive.